Year 6

In Year 6 children continue to follow the National Curriculum. English and Mathematics form the core of our work with English being taught through a creative curriculum and maths linking where possible. We recognise the importance of making learning meaningful and memorable for children and try to make creative links between the different areas of learning when we can.

At 8.50 we start the day with an activity – eg reading, handwriting or problem solving. It is helpful when the children are around for this session as it enables them to consolidate or practice a particular skill. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have assembly at 9am followed by english and maths for the rest of the morning. Our afternoon timetable varies but will generally always include; Science, ICT, RE, Indoor and Outdoor PE, PSHE, Golden Time with history, geography, art and DT taught depending on the topic. Music and French are also taught at times through the year.

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Curriculum Statement Summer 2019


Through the year we cover the skills included in the National Curriculum but teach different genres of writing through the different topics we cover e.g. Newspaper reports about flooding, Diary entry about a class visit etc. Elements of grammar are taught through both discrete sessions and embedded in other areas of learning. Spelling is also taught this way.


The number strand of mathematics has a focus every half term with new elements being taught and consolidation of previously learnt techniques. Shape, space and measure and data handling are taught in blocks through the year although where possible are combined with other strands of maths. The children are expected to use and apply maths skills not just in maths lessons but through the curriculum and are given opportunity to do this.


Three times a week the children are taught in guided reading sessions where there is a focus on a particular strand of reading. All children have reading targets designed to help them develop skills needed to move to a higher level. Children are also expected to read independently each day after lunch for around 10 minutes.

Topic Learning

The Futures Curriculum at Moordown St John’s CE Primary School encompasses all Core and Foundation subjects and enables us to provide a high standard of Teaching and Learning by adopting our learning values through SUCCESS.

We believe children learn best when they can see links and have reasons for learning. Our curriculum promotes enjoyment of learning through debate, creativity, purpose and relevance. We hope that pupils are motivated by achievement both now and in the future and have a positive attitude towards themselves, others and their environment.

For these reasons most subjects are taught through a creative curriculum, which means most half terms there is a particular topic we focus our learning on and develop a range of skills through this theme. Where possible both core (maths, English, ICT and RE) and foundations subjects are taught linking to this theme. This may mean not all foundation subjects are taught every half term but it allows us to develop a range of skills through your child’s education at Moordown St John’s.


We have developed a system which enables children to recognise their achievements both in and out of school. As we recognise and value the importance of all children achieve we devote curriculum time to this learning but also expect children to collate a portfolio of their achievements at home. Children are given the opportunity to share their achievements with a senior member of staff at the end of the year.

Other information

Being the eldest children in the school, the children are looked to by the younger children as role models and are therefore encouraged to develop their responsibilities. Children apply at the beginning of the year to do a range of jobs across the school and are selected based on their skills to fulfil these rolls.

As the children near the end of the education at Moordown St John’s, one of the ways we celebrate this achievement is through a whole class, week long residential which this year will take us to Swanage. We strongly encourage all children to participate in the residential as we believe the skills they will develop are unique to this experience.


Each week either English or maths homework is set. Homework is given on either a Thursday or Friday and is due in on Tuesday. This homework either consolidates learning we have been teaching that week or sets a challenge to allow children to develop understanding for a new area of learning.

There is a weekly spelling test with the expectation that children will practice and learn their spellings in preparation and to be able to use them to enhance their writing.

In year 6 children are expected to know their timestable facts for up to 12 x 12 and children are expected to practice their timestables in a range of contexts at home.

Class 6G

Mr Grinsted – Class Teacher

Y6 Teacher Mr Grinsted

Class 6R

Miss A Roberts – Class Teacher

Y4 Teacher Miss Roberts

Mrs G Angiolini – (Deputy Head) Group Teacher

Mrs  T Stammas – Teaching Assistant

Y6 TA Mrs Stammas


Mrs M Faulkner – Teaching Assistant

Y4 TA Mrs Faulkner

Mrs L Knight – (1-1) Teaching Assistant