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In certain circumstances we can help with the cost of school uniforms. To find out if you qualify please click on the following link Clothing Allowance Policy.


At Moordown St John’s, children wear a uniform to foster a sense of belonging and corporate identity. We want them to take a pride in their appearance, always looking smart.

Our school outfitters are CJI Clothing. Parents are, however, at liberty to purchase standard items (eg. trousers, skirts, blouses, shirts etc) elsewhere if preferred.

The PFA regularly seeks donations of pre-loved uniform. These are stored and sorted on the premises and are available on request via email There are also a number of uniform sales which take place in the school hall/playground across the year. Most items cost £1/50p. Families who may be facing financial difficulties are invited to complete a form requesting uniform for free. These forms can be found at the school office. All confidential information is retained by the school office staff and requests are made anonymously to the volunteers who pack the uniform bundles. 

All children’s clothing (including underclothing and footwear) must be labelled with the owner’s name.

PLEASE NOTE: Summer uniform should only be worn during the Summer Term and the first half of the Autumn Term.



Winter uniform
EYFS & KS1 – Red Polo shirt
KS2 – Plain white blouse
KS2 – Red tie
All Girls – Navy blue pinafore dress (medium length)
or Navy blue skirt (medium length)
or knee-length navy blue culottes
or classic style straight leg, navy blue girls’ trousers
Navy blue cardigan
or navy blue school design pullover or cardigan with red/white insert & embroidered school logo
White socks or navy blue tights

Summer uniform
Pink and white gingham summer dress
KS2 – Plain white short-sleeved blouse or Red polo shirt with navy blue skirt (medium length)
or knee-length navy blue culottes
or classic-style, straight leg navy blue girls’ trousers


Winter uniform
EYFS & KS1 – Red polo shirt
KS2 – Plain white shirt
KS2 – Red tie
All Boys – Grey trousers (short or long)
Navy blue school design pullover with red-white  insert & embroidered school logo (available from CJI Clothing)
Plain grey socks


Summer uniform

As above, but with plain white short-sleeved shirt
or Red polo shirt 






Outdoor shoes to be black leather in appearance, having no heel higher than one inch from the base of the foot; ankle protected shoes are permitted but not heavyweight boots. Black or navy blue sandals with closed toes and backs may be worn during the summer term.

PE Kit
Navy blue shorts; girls may wear a navy blue skirt for outdoor games
Red tee shirt with school motif
Red sweatshirt with school motif (KS2)
Trainers for all outdoor games/activities
(Bare feet for indoor activities – veruccas should be covered with a medical treatment which seals the affected area or plimsolls should be worn)
Navy blue jogging trousers (which will provide a full tracksuit option with red sweatshirt)

Swimming kit
Swimming costume (boys: trunks not shorts; girls: one-piece costume)
Swimming cap (available from School Office)

Protective wear
Raincoat or anorak, with hood attached if possible
Baseball Cap (Navy with red school logo)

Other items
Shoe bag bearing child’s name – to contain PE kit and footwear
Book Bag (EYFS & KS1 only)
Wellington Boots (EYFS only)



  • We strongly discourage the wearing of any form of jewellery in school as it can easily cause physical injury and get lost.
  • Loom bands, friendship bracelets and other wrist jewellery should not be worn in school.
  • Only plain, non protruding ear studs are permitted (one per ear). For safety reasons they should be removed/taped over on days when there is PE, games or swimming.

Hair, Nail Varnish and Tattoos/Transfers

  • We require that all children’s hair is neat in appearance and tidy : Long hair should be tied back with a plain and simple navy blue or red fastening . Elaborate hair ties (eg big bows or flowers) are not permitted.
  • Pupils should not come to school with ‘extreme’ hairstyles, bold colour changes or ‘over gelled’ or ‘over moussed’ hair. Similarly patterns shaved into the hair are not acceptable.
  • Children should not have painted nails or tattoos/transfers in school.


  • Please note that pupils are not permitted to wear fashion items
    (eg: sweat shirts, hooded tops etc.)
  • We encourage the wearing of Moordown St. John’s baseball caps(navy with red logo) in the sunshine.
  • Trainers are not permitted to be worn in school instead of school shoes. If children cannot wear shoes for a medical reason then we must receive a letter of explanation and children may wear their black plimsolls.

If your child is unable to meet the dress code requirement at any time we would appreciate a letter to keep us fully informed.

Uniforms can be bought from our local school outfitters


545-547 Wimborne Road,
Tel: 01202 249244


CJI Clothing