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Business Details, Funding, Accounts and Articles

Moordown St John’s Church of England Primary School became an autonomous academy (under the Bournemouth Septenary Umbrella Trust) on 1/12/15.

Company Name: Moordown St John’s Church of England Primary School; Registered number: 09881224

Place of registration: England & Wales;

Registered office address: Vicarage Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH9 2SA;

VAT number: N/A

Any queries should be directed to Mrs K Chant, the School Finance Manager, on 01202 527683.


Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements


Period ending 31st August 2022

Period ending 31st August 2021

Period ending 31st August 2020

Period ending 31st August 2019

Period ending 31st August 2018

Period ending 31st August 2017

Period ending 31st August 2016

Funding Agreement 

Memorandum and articles for Church of England Academies under the Academies Act 2010

Trade Union Facilities Time

By law, trade union representatives are entitled to reasonable paid time off from their regular job to enable them to perform their union duties and to undertake relevant training.  Trade union members, including representatives, may also ask for unpaid time off to undertake activities.  Together, these arrangements constitute facility time.

Schools have to publish information on their website regarding the amount of facility time taken each year by staff who are union officials.

We are required to publish, for each relevant period, the answers to the following questions and requests for information, using the form indicated in Schedule 2 of the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017.  The ‘relevant period’ refers to 1 April to 31 March the following year, which is the period for which data is collected and published.

  • What was the total number of your employees who, at some point, were relevant union officials during the relevant period? 


  • How many of your employees who were relevant union officials employed during the relevant period spent: a) 0%, b) 1%-50%, c) 51% – 99% or d) 100% of their working hours on facility time?  


  • As a percentage of total paid facility time hours, how many hours were spent by employees who were relevant trade union officials during the relevant period on paid trade union activities?