Year 3

In Year Three, we teach topic based curriculum.  Through various topic we as Year 3 teachers cover all 11 National Curriculum subjects; Maths, English, Guided Reading, Science, Information and Communication Technology, History, Geography, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Physical Education and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education.  Once a week children benefit from French and Swimming lessons taught by specialists.

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Curriculum Statement Spring 2018


We have Guided Reading lessons three times each week and we benefit from reading volunteers who read with children on an individual basis.  Home link books are sent between home and school to enable parents to record home reading.  It is expected that children read at home at least five times each week. The home learning books are checked weekly.


Spellings are taught within English lessons and are tested every Monday.  Spelling lists are issued on a termly basis.


Maths is taught in sets meaning that children are widely differentiated for.  There is a times tables focus at the start of one lesson every week and have a different focus each half term.  At home telling the time, using money, practical measure and times table practise are useful to support school learning.


Weekly Maths or English homework is given out every Thursday and expected to be brought back by the following Wednesday. 

Class 3G

Mrs D Broomfield

Miss K Goodship


Mrs V Marshall – Teaching Assistant

Miss B Dyer

Mrs Greer – Teaching Assistant (1-1)

Mrs J Ofei-Kwatia – Teaching Assistant Swimming

Mrs J Anscombe – Teaching Assistant Swimming


Mrs N Bedford – Teaching Assistant Swimming


 Mrs S Abley – Swimming Teacher

Swimming Teacher Mrs Abley

Mrs N Dunkerley – Swimming Support Assistant