We are very fortunate to have our own swimming pool here at Moordown St John’s.
Swimming forms part of our PE curriculum, which is a legal requirement at the Primary School Stage.

Our swimming instruction programme is led for us by Mrs N Dunkerley

In addition to our swimming instructor, we have a poolside Teaching Assistant providing a high level of adult supervision when the children are in the water.

All children are expected to take part in the class swimming lessons.
If a child is well enough to be in school then they are generally well enough to swim. However, on occasion there may be medical reasons why a child cannot swim. Should this be the case, we require a note from the parent/carer.
Longer absences from swimming will require a note from the GP.
If no note is provided and no kit is in school, we will have a spare, clean kit that will be loaned for the lesson.

** Swimming following an episode of diarrhoea **

To help minimise the spread of infection and maintain the quality and hygiene of our swimming pool water, children are not permitted to swim for 2 weeks following an episode of diarrhoea.

Financial Contributions
£15 per child per term

We believe £15 per term represents extremely good value, working out at approximately £2.50 a lesson.

Payments can be made via WisePay as follows:
Pay £15 at the beginning of each term

Swimming Kit

In addition to a swimming cap (available from the School Office) and a towel, your child will need the following:

Boys: close-fitting swimmimg trunks (not shorts/board shorts)
Girls: one-piece swimming costume

If your child chooses to wear goggles then s/he must be able to put them on themselves. Also the goggles need to be of a high protective standard.

Goggles will NOT be loaned to children.

Any child who has earrings must either remove them or cover them with a specialist waterproof tape, for personal safety and the safety of others. (“Nexcare” tape is available from Amazon) Please do not use plasters or micropore tape as these fall off in the water and become stuck in the filters.

If your child has a verruca, swim socks should be worn or the verruca treated with a proprietary sealant (eg Bazuka)

Please ensure all swimming kit and school uniform is named.

For more detailed information and this term’s Swimming Timetable click the link below:
Swimming Information 2022-23