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MSJ Parliament

We have been busy holding the MSJ elections, and we are pleased to announce the MSJ representatives for this academic year.

Prime Minister - Lexie G (6H)
Deputy Prime Minister - Ffion B (5H)
Secretary - Finn C (5HD)

The MSJ parliament enables pupils to have a voice; the parliament are involved in decisions about the school that affect them, as well as how they can impact on others by taking actions against injustices.


Wellbeing (Self) 
Justice and Poverty (Others)
Bella E (6H) – Committee lead
Lexie G (6H)
Natalia N (5HD)
Eden B (4OG)
Mylan (3G)
Nell (2B)
Ivan U (6C) – Committee lead
Isabella R (5HD)
Taijo M (5H)
Noah S (4OG)
Betty-Mae P (3G)
Poppy N (2H)
Eco (World)
Ethos (Beyond)
Tyler B (5H) Committee lead
Jack N (6C)
Ffion B (5H)
Ted F (4G)
Felicity T (3B)
Rupert B (2B)
Lily T (6C) – Committee lead
Nadeem A (6H)
Finn C (5HD)
Lily P (4G)
Isaac A (3B)
Jack M (2H)