Year 5 – Secondary Transition Arrangements

Dear Parents,  

In ‘normal’ circumstances at Moordown St. John’s we would be inviting you to a meeting about now to hear from BCP about your Year 5 child’s transition to Secondary school in September 2021. We usually invite the Head teachers from The Bishop of Winchester Academy (our local Church of England Secondary School), Bournemouth School and Bournemouth School for Girls to give a presentation to Year 5 parents. As you can imagine none of these arrangements are possible this Summer.  

BCP have prepared a presentation and booklet (see below) with application deadlines for you to look through and action as and when necessary.  

Usually, the Secondary schools in Bournemouth co-ordinate their open evenings and events. I have not heard anything about this yet but do keep an eye on your prospective school/s websites. If we hear anything about open events we will let you know.  

It is a key decision in your child’s life, so I would urge you to be open-minded and look carefully at school websites, ofsted reports etc. as you make your decision and put your 3 favourite schools into your application.

If you would like to discuss your decision or thoughts further in September then please do not hesitate to make an appointment with myself or your child’s Year 6 teacher.    

Yours sincerely,  
Peter Herbert