Year 2 – 100 Years of Moordown St John’s

Year two had an exciting history morning, travelling back in time to 1922. We practised exercise drills for PE and had lessons on reading, writing and arithmetic.

The classroom looked different as the whiteboards had been turned into chalk boards and the classroom was organised in rows, with very strict teachers! We used the smaller old school bell for the beginning of the day and for playtimes.

Year Two also look a trip down to see the original building of MSJ, ‘St. John’s in the Wilderness’. We looked at where the original bell would have been and for signs that this had been both a school and a church at the same time. We noticed stained glass windows, arched windows and doors.

Aleena: ‘I liked that we got to write on chalkboards.’

Scarlett T: ‘I liked it when you shook the bell.’

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