Y4 Hooke Court

Our Year 4 children went to Hooke Court for a 3 day residential to learn about the Tudors. They learnt about life in Tudor times, what it was like to be a child and go to school. They played tudor games like solitaire and snakes and ladders, did some baking, made candles and pockets, learnt how to weave and made boats then raced them across the moat. They also went out on a night walk to learn about the local wildlife and saw deer footprints and badger sets. The bluebells were magnificent and everyone returned tired and slept well. A banquet was held on the last night and all the children dressed up for the occasion. The guests of honour were the staff members who were waited on by their servants (the children!)

Hooke outsideHooke school[


20140508_153554hooke spinning




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