Y2 Visit to Streetwise and AFCB Goldsands Stadium

Y2 went to Streetwise to learn all about keeping safe. They learnt how to cross on a Pelican crossing safely, and how to be seen and keep safe when out riding their bikes. They also discovered that the Law says anyone under 135cm must sit on a booster seat whilst travelling in a car.  A visit to the beach section showed them what to look out for when on a beach and in the house they learnt about safety in the lounge and kitchen. There was a fire in the kitchen and everyone had to crawl out under the smoke to safety and then 1 person in each group made a 999 call for a fire engine, it was quite nerve racking, but the children gave the correct information to the operator so that the fire engine would know exactly where to go.

P1060189 P1060190 P1060212

After our visit to Streetwise we went onto AFCB, where we had lunch and then went out to do some exercise and fitness activities before a short game of football. Finally we went into the Goldsands stadium and had our photo taken altogether. We had a really fun day and learnt a lot about safety!

P1060257 P1060241 P1060221


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