Useful Information


Should your child be unable to attend school for any reason, you are requested to telephone the school office before 09:00 on the first day of absence (a dedicated 24 hour absence reporting extension is available for this purpose). Please send in a letter confirming the reason for the absence when your child returns to school. Any absence not covered in this way becomes an unauthorised absence and under current legislation has to be recorded as such on your child’s end of year report. Please click on the following link for the guidelines we follow with regards to contagious illnesses and how long your child should be kept home from school.

Guidance Relating to Illness


Medicine Form

If your child needs to have any kind of medicine administered to them during the school day you must clearly label the bottle with your child’s name and class,┬áthen hand it into the school office with a signed consent form that can be downloaded from here:
Parent/Carer Consent form for the administration of medicine/treatment


Free School Meals

Click here for information on whether or not you maybe entitled to free school meals.


Free School Milk

If your child is over 5 and you receive state benefits (click here to find out which benefits), your child may be entitled to free school milk, paid for by the school. If you think you are eligible, please inform the school office, and they will register your child to receive their free milk.


Music Application Form

Click on the link for more information and to download the Music Application form for taking vocal or instrumental lessons.


Contributing to School

We welcome any contribution that you can make to our school, both financially and by giving your valuable time and expertise to help in school.

Please refer to the last 2 pages of our School Prospectus for further information on how you can help!


Pool Parties

Would you like to book our school pool for your child’s birthday party? Click here for more details.