Trickbox Courses for ALL Parents and Carers

This school academic year we will work through all 4 Trick Box courses of which you can join us on any of them.

Each course helps you to be the best version of you and provides helpful parenting strategies so you can have a happier and healthier family life. We will also work on breathing exercises and stretches to help us get the most out of the time together.

Course 1 – Building your Confidence and Achieve more! 6 weeks. £15
Course 2 – Support with managing your Stress & Anxiety! 3 weeks. £10
Course 3 – Become Assertive and happier when decisions are made. 3 weeks. £10
Course 4 – Goal setting – Making it happen! 3 weeks. £10

Course 1:  Monday 11th of October – 29th of November 
1pm -1.45pm
Helping you to build your CONFIDENCE.
This is a Build your CONFIDENCE 6 Week Course

Like most of us we struggle with confidence in certain areas of our lives and that can stop us from doing things we would love to be able to do. We can regularly think and say negative untruths about ourselves too. Do you feel you do?

This course will help you to change how you think in a more positive way so you build a more positive self belief system. When doing this it will help you look at life and yourself differently. This confidence will affect how you think and speak and will give you the tools to help your children, plus they will learn a lot from watching and listening to you.           

A quote from a parent that has previously attended one of my courses:
 “I really enjoyed the course. I learnt a lot of new tools and good to hear you’re not the only one facing challenges. Lots of valuable information. Thank you”

* All Trick Box Courses will be held in the Bournemouth Community Church, two minutes from the school. (Term time only!)
* There is a maximum of 10 people, so it is on a first come first served basis.
* Payments can be made in instalments.
* Deadline for the above course is 4th October.

Please email if you would like to attend.

I look forward to meeting you!