Sustainable Art and Design

We started off our whole school project on sustainable art by drawing pictures of the ocean and the sea creatures in it. However, we did not realise that in actual fact the ocean is full of plastic! Plastic is a useful material but it also takes years to break down as it is not made from natural resources. Over the next few weeks in our classes we made artwork using recycled materials and planning solutions to problems in design and technology.


“In our Year 6 class we used recyclable materials to make small purses using different sewing techniques. We learnt that unnecessary plastic in the ocean is causing harm to innocent creatures. We need to change our ways otherwise it won’t be ther same for future generations.”   Zach and Abigail 6R

“I like the new project because it is enjoyable to learn about our environment.”  By Ava 2OG

“It is fun and interesting to learn about our world and how we can make it a cleaner place.”  Lucas 3M

“We have used old clothes to make woven table mats. We made different patterns which was tricky but fun.”   Suri 4G

“In Year 5, we made a 3D fish out of recyclable material to show the impact of plastic pollution on our planet.”  Bethany 5HW

We held a final assembly for the children to share their work on the ocean, sea creatures and plastic in the sea. To highlight the damage being done they made wonderful artwork using plastic materials.


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