Meet Our Staff

Mr P Herbert Head Teacher
Mrs G Angiolini Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs E Martin Assistant Head Teacher / Inclusion Leader (SENCO)


Mrs H Foster Year R
Mrs C Ewels Year R
Miss J Penna Year 1
Mrs K-A Dickinson Year 1
Mrs C Ham/
Mrs C Zacharadies
Year 2
Mrs K Goodship Year 2
Mrs P Matthews/ Mrs K Graham Year 3
Mrs A Stockley/
Mrs S Hewitt
Year 3
Mrs D Broomfield Year 4
Mrs L Rose
Year 4
Mr D Hammersley Year 5
Mrs M O’Gara Year 5
Mr P Hawley Year 6
Miss A Roberts Year 6
Mrs L Bolton
Maternity Leave
Mrs S Legg Maternity Leave

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Anscombe YR, Y1 & Y3 Swim Support
Mrs C Arnold Year 1 TA
Mrs N Bedford Year R, 2 & 3 Swim Support, YR TA
Mrs R Berry Year 6 & Interventions
Mrs C Bosisto Year 3 (1-1) & Speech & Language
Mrs C Clothier Year 2 (1-1)
Mrs M Davis Year R (1-1)
Mrs I Druce Year 1 & 2 TA and  Year 2 (1-1)
Mrs E Elford Year 3, Year 3 (1-1)
Mrs M Fairley Year 4
Mrs M Faulkner PPA Cover Specialist and Years 3. 4 & 5
Mrs S Feast Year 5 (1-1), YR Lunch Cover
Mrs G Graham Years 4, 5 & 6 Swim Support
Mrs A King Year 3 (1-1)
Mrs L Knight Year 4 (1-1, Dyslexia/Phonics/IEP’s and Cover Supervisor
Mrs N Laing Year 6 (1-1), Year 1 (1:1) Cover Supervisor
Designated First Aider
Mrs F Loughland Year 4 (1:) & Emotional Support
Mrs V Marshall Interventions
Mrs A Maton Year 2 & Years 4, 5 & 6 and Swim Support
Mrs S McGuire Year 4 (1-1)
Miss H Mitchell Year 5
Mrs J Ofei-Kwatia Year 5 & Year 2, Year 3 Swim Support and Cover Supervisor
Mrs T Rowland Year 2 & Dyslexia Support
Mrs S Scott Year R PPA, Year 1 (1:1) & Lunchtime First Aid
Mrs S Sheppard Year 1, Year 1 (1:1)
Mrs C Ware Year R & Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Watton Year R
 Miss E Ward  Intern ~ Year 4, Year 6 (1-1) & Lunch VIP Room

Office Staff

Mrs N Armstrong Admin and Personnel Manager
Mrs C Howard Receptionist
Mrs V Marshall Data Clerk / Admissions Officer
Mrs E Marshall Finance Manager
Mrs A Evans Finance Assistant

Support Staff

Mrs D Butcher Network Manager
Mr D Frewin Site Manager & Swimming Pool Techinician
Mrs H Stephens Parent Support Worker

Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs J Anscombe Y2
Mrs N Bedford Y2
Mrs C Bosisto Y3 & Hall Supervisor
Miss S Delaney YR
Mrs I Druce Hall Supervisor
Mrs E Elford Y3
Mrs S Ford Y4
Mrs N Foster Prep & Serve
Mrs G Graham Y6
Mrs J Hardman Y6
Mrs M Honey Y2
Mr P Jacob-Moss Y5
Mrs R Johnson Y4
Mrs J Jones Y2
Mrs A Maton Y3
Mrs I Mendoza Y1
Mrs S Scott  First Aid
Mrs L Searle Kitchen Assistant
Mrs L West Y5
Mrs V Winter YR
Mrs Shireen Wright Prep & Serve

Union Officials

School does not currently have any union officials. so no time has been taken off for these duties.


Peripatetic Staff

Mrs N Dunkerley Swimming Instructor
Mr S Mellish Drum Instructor
Mr K Dluzewski Guitar, Ukulele, Voice Instructor
Mr G Jones Piano, Recorder Instructor
Mr W Brewster Recorder Instructor
Mr D Mundy Rocksteady Instructor