Scaplens Court

Year 2 visited Scaplens Court as part of their learning about the Victorians. Everyone dressed up for the day and as soon as they entered the classroom they were treated as children from Victorian times. The teacher Miss Noble was very strict and nobody was allowed to talk. They learnt that all children had to pay 1d a week to go to school and everyone had to write with their right hand. Children learnt to write in sand trays and then moved up to chalk and slates before being allowed to write on actual paper with an ink pen. The alphabet, times tables, poems and geography were all learnt by repeating after the teacher in unison lots of times. Everyone went into the courtyard to get some fresh air and do their exercises before returning to the classroom to continue with their learning. Although some of the children were a little scared everyone enjoyed the day but were really glad to be going to school in 2016 and not in the 19th century!

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