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Homelessness Awareness

In October, the children developed their understanding of Homelessness. The YMCA Chaplin, Ryan, took part in our launch assembly where he shared lots of ideas with the children about a daily routine a homeless person would have. This really allowed the children to begin thinking of what it might be like to not have a home.

Throughout the project each year group spent time thinking about the problems faced by a homeless person, such as having a safe and secure shelter each night and also being able to eat and prepare food without any resources.

Our project came to a close on Friday 12th as years 2 – 6 gathered in St John’s Church to celebrate our Harvest Service. Each year group came forward and presented some of their learning such as poetry, art work, wants and needs as well some really moving singing. Thank you to everyone for your kind donations. The YMCA are very grateful for our continued support.


Multi-Sports Day – October

Children from Reception to Year 6 have had a fantastic time trying out a range of new sports. They have tried: Rowing, Lacrosse, American Football, Golf, Body Balance, Ultimate Frisbee and even Quidditch! Y-Man and the Rowing Bear had a great race in assembly, and spent the rest of the day cheering the children on.

Children donated toiletries to the YMCA to support those in our community who are less fortunate. Money was also raised to support the work that the YMCA do in Bournemouth, our local community.

Ryan, Chaplin at the YMCA said “Thank you so much to all the children, staff and parents at Moordown St John’s for their time, money and donations. The homeless people in the local community will be incredibly grateful to be able to be clean and feel cared for.”


Children in Need – October 

Wow what a wonderful day we had on Monday 13th November – the day Pudsey came to visit Moordown St John’s! Our yellow, fluffy and very friendly visitor arrived into our whole school worship time to much excitement and delight from the children and adults alike! All classes were busy learning about Children in Need and carried out activities in their lesson time. On Friday 17th in a swarm of colourful rainbow mufti a representative from each year group shared their learning with the rest of the school. This was a great opportunity for the children to reflect and think carefully about the ways we can support children in need.

Reception wrote super thank you letters to Pudsey and will be posting them really soon. Year 1 thought about what Children in Need is and designed posters to show all the super information they have learned. Year 2 did a lesson on feeling included and are designing a poster to help include others especially at playtime in our school. Year 3 wrote acrostic poems using the word Pudsey as their inspiration. Year 4 have linked their learning to their RE lessons thinking about how Christians show kindness and support to those children who are in need. Year 5 thought lots about inclusion and ensuring that all children are included no matter what. They wrote some very thoughtful letters to children offering their support and care. Year 6 thought about the similarities and differences of people and how we can support the people around us.

All children have put in lots of effort to show an understanding of the reasons these children need our support and have thought lots about how the money we have raised will provide them with a positive opportunity they otherwise may not have received. We would like to thank you for all your kind donations this week to support Children in Need nationally. All the money raised will support children within our country who need extra care and provisions.


Supporting Foodbank has become well established in school, thanks to the insistence and efforts of the School Parliament. After first requesting the view of the whole student body, they formally requested that the Governors allow the siting of two Foodbank bins in school. More recently, they have insisted on sustaining school’s support and continuing to drive collections, resulting in substantial and much appreciated contributions to the Kinson and West Howe Foodbank.

Fishy Foodbank KS1 bin


When the weather got really cold, the children’s thoughts turned to their right to shelter and to those who were homeless in Bournemouth.   Mary from the Salvation Army helps us learn about homelessness locally and the School Voice and Parliament decided to collect warm clothes to help out. Representatives of Parliament, Global and School Voice held an awareness-raising afternoon on the playground, talking to parents about the issue and the result the next day was an enormous pile of clothes being collected, with over …. items!