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Financial Literacy – March

Financial Literacy week at MSJ was a huge success as all the children across the school focussed on gaining an understanding of money and what we can do with it – spend it, save it, give it, lend it, invest it and borrow it. Each year group worked hard on 5 Big Questions and carried out discussions, activities and tasks based Skills learnt include; managing money, spending money and knowing how money can make us feel. The children contributed really positively throughout the week as well as working really hard as a team to design, create and make a unique and wonderful product. These products all came together in the hall on Friday 16th March when it was turned into a thriving market place bustling with enthusiasm and very keen entrepreneurs. Year 6 showed great maturity in helping to run each of the year group stalls and every class had an opportunity to visit the hall and spend their money. The selection of fantastic products included; lovely decorated plant pots, delicious Easter nest cakes, colourful beaded keyrings, crunchy cornflake cakes, funky pencil toppers, fantastic squidgies and very popular pom pom and emoji stress balls. Children were very engaged and excited to buy and sell and it was wonderful to see the children from Reception to Year 6 play a part in the success and overall running of the day.

A fantastic total of £535 was raised from this wonderful business extravaganza and this will be going towards supporting children in our link school in India. Thank you to all parents and children of Moordown St Johns for supporting and helping us raise this amazing amount of money.

Send My Friend to School

Every year our Global Group take action to urge the government to keep one of the promises they made in the Millennium Goals (now Sustainable Development Goals), a goal of education for all by 2015. The whole school sends their message urging the Prime Minister to do all he can to honour the commitment and explaining why every child should receive their right to education .   In July, Parliament invited local MP, Conor Burns, to come into school and receive our messages and spent time discussing the issue with him.  Conor Burns MP left with a promise to take our messages to the Prime Minister.

EM Baker School

Parliament and School Voice made and sent a film about their work to support the Salvation Army and homeless people (Woolly Hat Day) to EM Baker School, New York State, USA. They shared their right to a home, set out under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.