Return to School January 2021

Returning to School on Tuesday 5th January

Happy New Year to all!

Just to confirm that Moordown St. John’s will be fully open tomorrow as planned.  You will be well aware of the media attention given to the re-opening of Primary Schools in England and we are cautiously confident about ensuring Moordown St. John’s is a safe place to be for our pupils and staff.

Since switching to on-line learning during the last week of term, we have reviewed our risk assessment and the school has been disinfected and deep cleaned.

Whilst we understand that some of you may have concerns about your children coming back to school, we cannot authorise your child’s absence and cannot provide home learning unless your child is officially self-isolating/quarantining.  I am grateful to parents who have put their concerns and suggestions in writing to me;  please do continue to do this.

We look forward to welcoming all families back to school tomorrow and ask that you comply with the following to help keep our school community safe:

  • All adults entering the school grounds are to wear a mask;
  • Drop your child off in the playground at school between 08.15- 08.30  (please note new time);
  • Only 1 adult to accompany your child into the playground;
  • Maintain 2 metres distance from all other adults whilst in the playground;
  • Do not linger in the playground;
  • Children to continue to wear the same uniform as worn in the Autumn term.

These measures will be kept under review.

Thank you for your continued vigilance and efforts to keep us all as safe as possible.

Peter Herbert