Reading Buddy Afternoon

We have regular Reading Buddy afternoons to encourage the children to share their love of books with each other.
There was plenty of laughter and enjoyment around school on Thursday afternoon when the children paired up with a reading buddy from another year group to enjoy a book together.  As always, the older children were really impressed by their younger peers.
“My reading buddy was a really good reader and the books she brought in were really interesting.”  Lily Y4
“The reading buddies were very nice and listened really well and did not make a sound while I was reading.”  Dastan Y4
“I really liked reading with the Year 2s.  They put a smile on my face when they were reading.  I only had to help on a few of the words, they were amazing!”  Keira Y4
“The book was funny.  It made me laugh!”  Harry Y2

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