Re-seeding of our School Field

Our school field has been looking very sad with large bald patches of dirt where the grass should be.

We therefore decided to have it all dug up and re-seeded and at the same time improve the drainage by running pipes underneath the soil.  So, on 24th March a tractor arrived to plough the field.

It was very exciting for the children to watch the tractor going up and down in lines to neatly turn all the soil over.

After the soil had been dug over and the new drainage laid, 50 tons of top soil was put down and then grass seed put down on top of that. The field had to be kept watered to encourage the grass to grow and we then had to be patient and wait. 1 month later, when we returned to school after the Easter holidays this is how it looked!

 On 20th May, after another month of growth and a fair bit of rain, this is how the grass now looks.


Part of the field is under the shadow of trees (left picture) and some of the field is in full sunlight (middle picture). The grass has grown much better in full sunlight. We will need to leave it to grow without anyone walking on it for quite a bit longer to give the grass the best chance it has to grow evenly.

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