Parent Director Elections

We are delighted to announce that we have 4 candidates for the 2 Parent Director vacancies, Caroline Cooper, Nicola Finnimore, James Hall and Michelle Widdicombe. This means we must now hold a ballot.

The ballot will take place on-line using ‘Choice Voting’. Each parent/carer will receive unique log-in details by email (from Choice Voting) with further information on how to cast your vote. If you do not receive your log-in details by Friday 31st January, please contact the school office.

Each parent/carer may vote for 2 candidates by submitting 1 on-line ballot. If it is not possible for you to vote online, please call into the School Office where a computer will be available and staff will be pleased to help.

The ballot will open on Thursday 30 January 2020 and close on Wednesday 12 February 2020.

The election will be decided by a simple majority of votes cast, with the 2 candidates receiving the highest number of votes being appointed.

Please read the manifesto’s below from each candidate to help you decide how to cast your vote:

Caroline Cooper

I am fortunate that I do not work, since I became a parent at St John’s school, I have found myself volunteering, currently I help in year two, I also assist on the parents swimming rota.

The enjoyment the children offer me, gives me a real hope for there future.  I am a realist, and, I am well aware, there may be areas within the school, that may rouse concerns, call for change or ideas, I hope if I become a Parent Director you and your children, will find  me approachable, I will be happy to listen, I will endeavour to get problems resolved or open up channel’s so matters can be cleared up in a respectful manor.

I have spent the last five years, going on courses and educating myself in childcare, focusing on there mental health.

The most important thing I have taken from this experience, is to get down to child’s level and show emphany.

Proverbs 22:6
Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

These words are profound, after reading this proverb, take a minute to think.

What we say and do as parents and educators, is how our children will be now and for there future.

Nicola Finnimore

I have a long-standing commitment to School life and our Community, which has continued to grow throughout my Children’s time at Moordown St. John’s

  • Supporting School events through PFA membership.  I worked solely with large Supermarkets to source and home-cook healthy donations for the 2017 Christmas fayre: The funds raised went towards the successful outdoor Multi-Utility Games Area.  
  • Volunteering during School swimming lessons (Reception though to year Three).  
  • Currently volunteering with the School, to bring an ambitious plan for the school’s entry into Bournemouth in Bloom, which brings the potential for exciting learning and enrichment activities for all Children over the next two terms and beyond. 

This voluntary work has enabled me to build positive relationships with the School’s Leadership team and staff – I’m sure they would say that I’m not backwards in coming forwards with meaningful feedback and ideas.

Having studied Law at Bournemouth University and as a Company Director, I’m a practical, analytical problem-solver with a keen interest in, and understanding of, our School’s challenges and goals. Subsequently, I hope to continue building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships within our School Governance, local Organisations and Businesses to raise the School’s profile and champion the needs of every pupil.

It is my strong belief in the rights of Children and Parents/Carers of our School that truly drives me, in particular, helping Children develop self-belief and an “I can do it now” mind-set though innovative learning and most importantly, collaboration with our whole School Community.

Thank you for your consideration.

James Hall

Like all parents, we want the best for our children. I believe that we all need to support the school, but at times we also need to challenge the way things are done. Having children in years 1 & 3 at Moordown St John’s, I have this interest in ensuring that the school continues to provide an excellent and well-balanced education.

As we enter a new decade and the uncertainties associated with that, I would be grateful for an opportunity to serve as a Parent Governor, helping the school evolve. I believe that I can support teachers and staff to advance the current high standards, whilst maintaining the school’s vision and ethos.

I work as a Senior Principle Engineer at Dell Technologies, I am a technical lead in technology projects across a wide variety of industry sectors. Within my profession I’m often required to make strategic decisions, inspire collaboration and build relationships at all levels.

Being a Parent Governor, I believe my skills, industry experience and drive would be invaluable to the school, the pupils and the parents. I would offer commitment and dedication to make a difference. Within my professional and personal endeavours I strive for excellence and would support the Governors to this effect.

Michelle Widdicombe

My eldest son is currently in year 4 and my youngest is starting school in September.

I have been employed in the NHS for 20 years, firstly as a midwife and for the last 8 years I have specialised in working with children and families.  I chose to work with children and their families as I am passionate about all children having the best start in life, reaching their full potential and being healthy children that grow into adults who are physically, mentally and emotionally secure.

I have a variety of skills.  I remain professional and calm in all situations, am used to change, can handle the pressures of meeting targets and proving outcomes even when outcomes can sometimes not be measured.  I am honest and approachable; love to listen to people about their concerns and experiences. I am skilled in having challenging conversations and ensuring everyone has their say all in a respectful manner.

Children spend a huge amount of time in formal education and I know it matters to you that your children are in the best school possible.  It matters to me that, as parents, your views are heard by the school and I am willing to put forward these views as required.  If I can contribute to the success of our school and help ensure that our children receive the best education I will feel all our children are well on their way to reaching their full potential.

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