Paddington Bear Project

January 2018

Paddington Bear came into our assembly and explained that on his journey from Peru to England he made many stops. However, unfortunately, he had forgotten what happened to him on his adventures. Paddington asked the children to help him recall his adventures by researching and focussing their learning around each of the following countries he visited:

Year R – England, London … Year 1 – France, Paris … Year 2 – Spain, Madrid … Year 3 – Brazil, Rio de Janeiro …
Year 4 – Argentina, Buenos Aries … Year 5 – Ghana, Accra … Year 6 – Chile, Santiago …

After assembly Paddington visited Reception and Year 1 to read them a story from his book.

Mrs Farmer – weather forecaster from the BBC – came into school and ran a workshop for each year group in the studio. She read a weather forecast related to their chosen country.

We continued with our Paddington project in Art doing a variety of illustrations, Geography learning about the various countries and D&T making bridges and boats help Paddington solve various problems on his adventures.


All children in the school produced a piece of independent writing around Paddingtons adventures. Each adventure started with him arriving in the country by ship and finished with him returning to a ship to sail to the next country. In addition each class produced a shared piece of writing on Paddington’s adventure in the allocated country. Some illustrations were also produced to accompany the book in Art lessons. Click on the links below to read our class stories:

RW Paddington Story               RF Paddington Story
1E Paddington Story                 1B Paddington Story
2S hub Paddington Story         2H Paddington Story
3B hub Paddington Story         3G hub Paddington Story
4H Paddington Story                4SG Paddington Story
5M Paddington Story                5V hub Paddington Story


When the books were finished the Year 6 children read them to the Reception Year children.



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