Lunches and Snacks

Chartwells (our Hot School Meals Provider)

Our school provides hot school meals that can be ordered from Chartwells. Click here for more information.

If you prefer you can send your child in with a packed lunch from home.

What should my child’s packed lunch look like?
  • Children need a plastic lunch box, no big rucksacks please!
  • Drinks should be in a sports style top bottle, which the children can drink from. We do not encourage the children to pour their drinks into cups for obvious reasons.
  • No box drinks, as these are sometimes left unfinished and then leak in the lunch boxes.  No fizzy drinks either.
  • We encourage the children to eat all their lunch, so please do not send large amounts of food – you know what your child is capable of eating.
  • We also expect the children to eat savoury food first, then dessert/fruit.
  • Please do not put sweets in the lunch box – this includes Mars and Milky Way but Twix/KitKat/Penguin or similar type biscuits are acceptable.


As you may be aware, several of the children at this school suffer a severe allergic reaction to nuts and/or seeds, which can be life threatening.

Children are very generous and sometimes offer to share their food.  We encourage them not to do this, explaining that some pupils can be very ill if they eat certain foods. In the case of nut and seed allergy we have to be extra vigilant as it is possible for children to suffer an allergic reaction without actually eating such products, mere exposure to nuts and/or seeds being sufficient to cause anaphylactic shock.

It is with this severe reaction in mind that the school is designated a

‘Nut and Seed Free School’.

As you will know the school holds the safety and welfare of all its pupils to be of paramount importance and, to this end, we would appreciate it if parents would refrain from providing nut/seed items (e.g. peanut butter sandwiches) in their children’s snack and lunch boxes. Thanking you, in advance, for your cooperation in this very important matter.



We ask parents to send their child in with a snack to eat mid morning. This should be fresh fruit or vegetable and should be sent separately and placed in the box provided in the classroom.