Norwegian TV on School Uniforms

The Norwegian TV program ‘NRK’ (equivalent to our Newsround) came to film some of our children’s views on school uniform. At 6:00am the producers went to Christian’s house to start filming his day from the moment he woke up. Afterwards they walked to school with Christians family and met the rest of the class at school.  Five sensible children were chosen to give their opinions on whether or not they should have to wear school uniform. There were a mixture of thoughts, some negative but mostly positive. Some filming was also done in the classroom when Miss Roberts was teaching. The next day the producers went back to Christian’s house to see how they felt after a day’s filming. Back in Norway, the team went to Nokleby school in Fredrikstad where no uniform is required and they asked the children there what their thoughts were on school uniforms.

If you would like to see the finished film (with English subtitles) then please click on the link below.

Are School Uniforms a good idea? by NRK TV


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