Members and Directors 2017-18

Moordown St John’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School became an Academy on 1/12/15, and is now known as Moordown St John’s Church of England Primary School.

Members of the Board of Directors work hard for and on behalf of the school and are committed to providing the highest quality of education for the children who attend Moordown St John’s Church of England Primary School. The Members and Directors work effectively as a team and each bring their own skills on a voluntary basis for the good of the school.

Members for 2017-18

Mr Jeff Williams
Mr Robin Foster
Mr John Rimell
Mr Andrew Swain
Mr Simon Cull

Directors for 2017-18

Chair: Mr Andrew Swain (Foundation) Tel: 07946 641577
Vice Chair: Mr Philip Cherrett (Foundation)
Mrs Zeena Bonds (Parent)
Mr Matthew Brito (Foundation)
Mrs Stephanie Gates (Parent)
Mr Sergei Grinsted (Staff)
Mr Peter Herbert (Headteacher)
Mrs Amanda Johnston (Co-opted)~(resigned 9-2-18)
Mrs Nina Laing (Foundation)
Mrs Tatra Simpson (Co-opted)
Mr Nathan Thomas (Parent)

Mrs Lynda Farrow (Clerk to the Directors)

To contact the Board of Directors please email the Clerk to the Directors

We have 2 Working Groups that focus on 3 different areas.

Effective Resourcing Working Group focussing on Finance, Personnel and Environment
Chair – Philip Cherrett
Matthew Brito
Stephanie Gates
Sergei Grinsted
Peter Herbert
Amanda Johnston ~(resigned 9-2-18)

Pupil Achievement Working Group focussing on Admissions, Outcomes and Teaching and Learning
Chair – Andrew Swain
Zeena Bonds
Stephanie Gates
Peter Herbert
Nina Laing
Tatra Simpson
Nathan Thomas

Safeguarding Link Director – Tatra Simpson

As a new institution from 1/12/15, records regarding the governance of Moordown St John’s Church of England Primary School are presented from that date.

Moordown St John’s Church of England Primary School Board of Directors
Register of Interests and Attendance 2017/18 (Updated December 2017)

The Appointed Directors for 2017/18

NameRoleDate of
Term of office endsDate stepped down (if applicable)Appointed by
Zeena BondsCo-opted
n/aThe members
Matthew BritoFoundation14/6/1613/06/20n/aThe members
Philip CherrettFoundation18/1/1617/01/20n/aThe members
Stephanie GatesParent18/1/1617/01/20
n/aThe members
Sergei GrinstedStaff18/1/1617/01/20
n/aThe members
Peter HerbertHeadteacher18/1/16n\an/aThe governors
Amanda Johnston (Resigned 9-2-18)Co-opted18/1/16
The members
Nina LaingFoundation18/1/1617/01/20
n/aThe members
Tatra SimpsonCo-opted18/1/1617/01/20n/aThe members
Andrew SwainFoundation18/1/1617/01/20n/aThe members
Nathan ThomasParent28/11/1627/11/20n/aThe members
MEMBERSDate of Appointment
Simon Cull
Robin Foster1/12/15
John Rimell1/12/15
Jeff Williams1/12/15
Lynda FarrowClerk to the Directors18/1/16n/an/aThe members
Directors Who Resigned in the Previous 12 Months
Joanne LappinFoundation18/1/1617/1/20n/aThe members

The Register of Declared Business Interests

NameBusiness InterestsDate Interest CeasedGovernance roles in other educational institutionsRelationships between members, directors and school staff
Zeena BondsSt Marks Primary Teacher
Parent of 2 children at MSJ
Matthew BritoDirector Sneezer Media Ltd
Wife Kelly Brito also Director of Sneezer Media Ltd
Parent of 2 children at MSJ
Philip CherrettParent of 2 children at MSJn/aNonen/a
Stephanie GatesDirector of Goldenleas and Saffron Court Management Co. Ltd
Solicitor at Druitts Ltd
Parent of 2 children at MSJ (Years R & 3)
n/aNonePartner to Site Manager
Sergei GrinstedMember of staff at MSJ
Union member - NASUWT
Peter HerbertHeadTeacher
Wife works for Merryfield (Dyslexia Assessment)
Union member - NAHT
Amanda JohnstonDioceses of Portsmouth and Winchester: Academies Officer,
Bournemouth Septenary Trust: Umbrella Trust Director,
Portsmouth and Winchester Diocesan Academies Trust: Executive Officer/Director,
St Michael's CE Primary: Academy Director,
Ocean Learning Trust: Multi-Academy Trust Director,
King Alfred Academy Trust: Multi-Academy Trust (Shadow Board)

Nina LaingMember of staff at MSJ
Member of Union - UNISON
Tatra SimpsonNonen/aNonen/a
Andrew SwainBoots Pharmacyn/aNonen/a
Nathan ThomasMusic Teacher
Boss talks: Radio & Podcast Production, Recording, Broadcast
Onwards and Upwards: Mentoring
Simon CullBournemouth Septenary Trust: Member & Director
Robin FosterWife employed by MSJMarried to member of staff
John RimellNone declared
Jeff Williams
Directors Who Resigned in the Previous 12 Months
Joanne LappinNonen/aNonen/a

Record of Attendance at Committee Meetings 2017/18:

NameEffective Resourcing Working GroupPupil Achievement Working GroupEffective Resourcing and Pupil Achievement Working GroupFull Directors BoardAGM
Zeena Bondsn/a5/50/14/4
Matthew Brito8/8n/a1/13/4
Philip Cherrett6/8n/a1/13/4
Stephanie Gates5/84/51/14/4
Sergei Grinsted7/81/51/14/4
Peter Herbert8/81/51/14/41/1
Amanda Johnston
(Resigned 9/2/18)
Nina Laingn/a4/50/13/4
Tatra Simpsonn/a4/50/12/4
Andrew Swain1/85/51/14/41/1
Nathan Thomas7/82/5
Simon Cull1/1
Robin Roster1/1
John Rimmell1/1
Jeff Williams1/1

Register of Interests and Attendance 2016-17 

Register of Interests and Attendance 2015/16