Hot School Meals

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How much do hot school meals cost?

Families that are not eligible for free meals may order a hot school lunch at a cost of £2.45 per child, per day.

How do I order hot school meals?

All hot school meals must be ordered on-line from our provider, Chartwells (The Creative Kitchen for schools). Their website is or click on the Chartwells logo at the top of this page.

Online Help with registering and ordering Hot School Meals

The new deadline for ordering hot meals will be midnight on Sunday, 7 days before the week in which the meals are required. You can order meals further in advance if you prefer.

What happens if I forget to order meals?

Please note that meals will only be provided to children if they have been ordered online prior to the deadline.

If you do not order a hot meal for your child, you will need to provide a packed lunch from home.

What are the benefits of hot school meals?

Good food has been shown to lead not only to healthier, happier and more fulfilled children, but to improved behaviour and educational attainment. We believe the shcool lunchtime is a great opportunity for children to sit down together to enjoy a tasty meal and further develop their social skills. We therefore hope you will take advantage of the oportunity for your child to enjoy a healthy, balanced and nutritious hot school meal each lunchtime.

If you need help with paying for Hot School Meals for your child/children you may qualify for FREE Meals. For more information go to our FREE SCHOOL MEALS page.