Homelessness Awareness Week

Homelessness Awareness Week ~ At the end of our homelessness awareness week, staff and children experienced what it would be like to have no luxuries for the day. Lessons took place on the floor with no tables or chairs and no Smartboards or computers. By the end of the day, hundreds of toiletries had been donated to the YMCA in exchange for children wearing MUFTI.

“It must be really uncomfortable for people who don’t have anywhere to sit and eat or if they don’t have a bed. They must be really sad and unhappy.” Sienna, Year 4.

After a week of gaining awareness and understanding, Years 2-6 took part in our ‘Homelessness Harvest Service’ to reflect on the week. Jez from the YMCA received our donations and thanked our generosity.

Some children from Years 3-6 stayed at school one evening and worked together to build a shelter using only materials that they could find in the field before heading inside for some ‘tea’. Bread, cold beans and a banana was all that was on offer so some went home hungry.

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