Fundraising – Sponsored Sports Challenge

Believe it or not, it was a year ago that we raised a fantastic £12,000 through our sponsored triathlon event to help fund our Astro Turf pitch, which is now being used by all pupils in all weathers!

The PFA have a target of raising £5000 to help us transform the key stage one playground, so that children for years to come at Moordown St. Johns will have some great facilities to play and learn with.

Our plans have been shared in previous newsletters and we are hoping to transform the KS1 playground into something like this…

The whole school raised funds for the astro turf which is used mostly by KS2 pupils. Let’s all get behind helping to improve the KS1 playground even if your children have left KS1- remember – it’s a team effort!

As the PFA were unable to hold a Summer Fayre last July and will be unable to hold their usual and successful Christmas Fayre in December this year, we wish to share the burden of fundraising with them.

In the week commencing the 19th of October there will be a Sponsored Sports Challenge! To find out more please take a look at this promo video

Children will be taking part in this sports challenge in their year group bubbles and we are hoping that you will support your child to get some sponsorship from family and friends, however small, to help us reach our target of £5000.

Below is a sponsor form, please download it and if you are able to, do sign ‘The Gift Aid’ permission.  Every little helps and I’m very grateful for your support in any way possible.

Handing in sponsor money

The PFA have a PayPal account and it would save a great deal of unnecessary handling and counting of money if parents can collect and transfer their children’s sponsor money straight to the PFA account (details can be found on the Sponsor form)

Many thanks in advance for your support and effort to help improve our school.

Peter Herbert
Head Teacher

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