At Moordown St. John’s we recognise that we are preparing pupils for a world & future that is exciting but largely unknown.

Technology and ways of working are changing rapidly and will continue to change. Our ‘Futures Curriculum’ focuses on equipping children with skills that will prepare them for their future.

Developing the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics are at the core of our ‘Futures Curriculum’ with real contexts for learning these skills.

Other skills such as speaking and listening, working as part of a team and caring for one and another are also developed throughout the school.

For further details about the curriculum we are following please do contact the school office on 01202 527583 or via email at

In the Foundation Stage
We focus on 6 areas of learning:  Communications, language and literacy Reasoning, problem solving and mathematics Personal, social and emotional development (including Religious Education) Knowledge and understanding of the world

Physical development Creative development
In the Foundation Stage pupils are encouraged to take a very independent approach to their learning through a ‘plan, do, review’ system. These skills of independence are developed further in Year 1 when children commence the ‘National Curriculum’.

From Year 1 Onwards
All children learn the following subjects from the National Curriculum  and, in line with our ‘Futures Curriculum’, subjects are linked and are taught through engaging projects rather than separate subject lessons:

English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education, Information Communication Technology, (ICT) Physical Education (PE), History, Geography, Art & Design Design Technology, Music, Modern Foreign Languages, Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Emotional Education Drama

What does it look like?  Typically pupils are inspired and motivated in their learning by experiencing a ‘Moordown Moment’ which hooks children into their new project. Children then work towards an outcome or ‘Moordown Finale’ giving their learning real meaning & purpose. Along the way teachers plan a range of learning based on skills set out in the National Curriculum. Very often the activities and projects will involve more than one skill and more than one subject making the learning a rich, varied, enjoyable and meaningful experience.