Christmas Nativities

‘A Wriggly Nativity’

This year the Reception performance was called ‘ A Wriggly Nativity’. They performed the traditional story of the nativity with a creative cast, including chickens, cows, sheep and donkeys. The children practised their songs and lines really well for a few weeks beforehand and the hard work really paid off. The audience really enjoyed the enthusiasm and added humour brought into the performance with a starring role and a memorable moment from our very tired donkeys’ “Ee-ore” line!

We would like to thank all the adults for the amazing costumes provided and of course the children, for a wonderful nativity performance.

P1060037 P1060045 P1060075


Are We Nearly There Yet?

On 16th and 17th December, Years 1 and 2 performed their play ‘ Are We Nearly There Yet?’ With many travellers on the road to Bethlehem, we hoped everyone would get there in time. Mary and Joseph keep plodding on steadily, the Kings keep their eye on the star, the shepherds take advice from an angel and Mr & Mrs Walker encourage their children with a few sweets to keep them going. There were some excellent speakers in Year 2 as well as a beautiful solo by Casia. Well done to everyone who sang, danced, acted and spoke. It was a real treat!

P1060177 P1060135 P1060125

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