BST Art Project – Year 3

Year 3 studied Europe and on the 1st collaboration day, half our children went to St Michael’s school to make Monet watercolour paintings, whilst the other half stayed at our school and hosted Winton Primary to create works of Banksy Art.

Moordown St John’s visit to St Michael’s School

We painted watercolour pictures in the style of Monet

Winton School’s visit to Moordown St Johns

We made stencils in the style of Banksy

On the 2nd ‘collaboration’ day we performed to each other something that each school had prepared. This time, the second half of Winton Primary children came to us, and we sent the other half of our year group to St Michael’s School.

Moordown St John’s 2nd Visit to St Michael’s School

Moordown St John’s gave a Powerpoint presentation on Banksy and European Street Art.

St Michael’s performed the song ‘Alouette’

Winton Primary School’s 2nd Visit to Moordown St John’s

Moordown St John’s played their recorders for Winton School

Winton School did a play and showed us the European flags they had made