Bronze Ambassadors Training Day

The Bronze Ambassador children in Year’s 5 and 6 are excited about promoting participation in sport across our school. They attended a training session at the beginning of the year and wrote a report on how it went.

As a Bronze Ambassador, we had some training at Bourne Academy. First, we had a gathering and discussion with the rest of our group and we did some activities.

Those activities included selecting a leader (we opted for The Queen), talking about what makes a leader and we also had our lunch. After that, our first session was going outside and playing games that we could play and lead at school. Our next session was about communication and we learnt different ways of communicating with children from different age groups. We also made some games to use at school and we organised our sport activities for younger children at school. We are very excited to promote sport across our school.

Tiffeny D and Issac M

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