Bournemouth Septenary Trust Parliament

Parliament Meeting – September 2016

Moordown St John’s CE Primary, one of seven schools that make up the Bournemouth Septenary Trust, recently attended the first Academy Trust Pupil Parliament meeting hosted at Kingsleigh Primary School. The Parliament is intended to promote collaboration across the Trust, whilst giving pupils from all seven schools an opportunity to meet each other and share ideas for improving their communities.

The Parliament consists of 2 representatives from each of the schools in the Trust, and each representative is chosen from their respective school’s council. The meetings are facilitated by teachers, however the pupils are encouraged to discuss ideas amongst themselves and report back to the whole meeting. They are also tasked with reporting the results of the meetings back to their own schools, using Assemblies and the Trust’s website blog to share the results.

At the most recent meeting, four projects were identified: Litter Picking, Road Safety, Food Banks and Anti-Bullying. Following an extensive discussion on all four ideas, a vote was taken and Litter Picking chosen as the first topic for the Parliament to focus on during the Autumn term. Each school now has the opportunity to develop ideas around this theme, for everyone to contribute towards.

Shannon Lovell and Emma Benfold represented Kingsleigh Primary School at the meeting, and were very much in favour of this project. Emma said:

“The litter outside of the school is not very good, so anything we can do to clean it up will help us and also help our community”.

Leanne Siggins, Year 1 teacher at Moordown St Johns Primary School and in charge of running today’s meeting, commented:

“The children develop very important life skills by taking part in the Pupil Parliament and we all feel we can make a real difference to our communities by carrying out these projects.”

The Parliamentary meetings will be held every 3 months, with the next one set for early December.