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Live an Inspired Concert

This week we had a very exciting and enjoyable 'Live and Inspired' Music concert by a band called 'Thokozile'.  The band consisted of electric piano, drums, guitar, bass, saxophone and djembe.

The music was African Flavoured Jazz and was enjoyed by everyone.  the whole school got involved with a bit of singing and also playing some rhythms.  The band also took some requests and even played some rock and pop!

Anita F: ‘It was really fun! My favourite instruments were the African drums. I would love to have a go at playing them.’ 

Ryan B-H: ‘It was really good and I loved the band playing. It’s the first time I’ve listened to African music and I loved it.’

Flynn L: "The music was fabulous. I liked the beat of the bongo and shakers." 

Jack M: "I really liked clapping along to the the drum. My favourite instrument was the saxophone because I liked the sound." 

Filip B: “I enjoyed the rhythms because it felt unstoppable!” 

Edward B: “There was lots of diversity in the music that was played and they used different cultural music and drums.”