Rights Respecting Local

Supporting Foodbank has become well established in school, thanks to the insistence and efforts of the School Parliament. After first requesting the view of the whole student body, they formally requested that the Governors allow the siting of two Foodbank bins in school. More recently, they have insisted on sustaining school’s support and continuing to drive collections, resulting in substantial and much appreciated contributions to the Kinson and West Howe Foodbank.

Fishy Foodbank KS1 bin

Every child has the right to the best possible health and nutritious food (UNCRC Article 24)


When the weather got really cold, the children’s thoughts turned to their right to shelter and to those who were homeless in Bournemouth.   Mary from the Salvation Army helps us learn about homelessness locally and the School Voice and Parliament decided to collect warm clothes to help out. Representatives of Parliament, Global and School Voice held an awareness-raising afternoon on the playground, talking to parents about the issue and the result the next day was an enormous pile of clothes being collected, with over …. items!

Every child has the right to a standard of living good enough to meet their physical, social and mental needs. (UNCRC Article 27)