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Year 6 Enrichment Days and Residential

Year 6 had an 'Events Week' which combined two enrichment days and the three day residential.


On Monday 12 June and Tuesday 13 of June Year 6 had their enrichment days. 

On Monday Year 6 went to Butchers Coppice. The weather was perfect as our students embarked on a day filled with thrilling activities. They tried fencing, agility courses, power fan, crate stacking and orienteering. The high ropes course pushed their limits as they conquered challenging obstacles high above the ground.

On Tuesday our Year 6 students hopped on the bus and set off for a memorable adventure in beautiful Bournemouth. Upon arriving at Rock Reef, our young climbers eagerly embraced the challenge of different climbing walls. With determination and skill, they conquered the many heights, navigating the walls with agility and confidence. After all the climbing excitement, it was time for a well-deserved lunch.

We indulged in delicious pizza and chips, refuelling our energy for the rest of the day's adventures. Next on our itinerary was a visit to Mr. Mulligans, where we immersed ourselves in rounds of crazy golf. Laughter and friendly competition filled the air as we putted our way through obstacles, aiming for the elusive hole-in-one. 


What a week Year 6 have had! 

Following on from an active Monday and Tuesday, on Wednesday 14 June, children travelled by coach to Purbeck Valley Farm where they spent two nights camping.

Each day, the children participated in a variety of activities from fire making in the woods to coasteering and jumbo paddleboarding. The children showed team work, resilience and perseverance as they stepped out of their comfort zones to explore new challenges.

Each evening the children spent quality time together, either around a campfire or as they battled to catch the most crabs. Either way, memories were made and the week was filled with fun, excitement, and valuable learning experiences.

Our Year 6 students demonstrated teamwork, courage, creativity, and kindness throughout, leaving us with wonderful memories. 
It was an amazing week and one that everyone, including the adults, will remember for a long time! 

Filip - 'I loved coasteering because it was unique and fun!'.

Anita - 'I liked the bush craft because you got to build dens and make fires - we roasted marshmellows!'.

Eliana - 'I really enjoyed the water fight, it was really fun and we got the teachers wet!'.